Livestock Program

    Livestock Program

      • Utah Junior Livestock Association Entry Form pdf format
        • Eligibility Dates found on this page: 
        • Spanish Fork Livestock Show Canceled
        • Ferron Show Canceled
        • Vernal show open only to Uintah, Duchesne and Dagget county exhibitors
        • Morgan show open only to Morgan county exhibitors
        • Call Bailey to get tags
      • Southern Utah Junior Livestock Show
        • Southern Utah Junior Livestock Show youth: as a reminder, there are plans to have a livestock show this year, but there will be a change in the tagging process. Tagging was originally scheduled for May 6, but now we are going to do farm tagging. Please contact a SUJLS department chairman ASAP and schedule an appointment to get your animals tagged. Tagging will begin now and go through May 9th. Please do not wait until the last minute to make an appointment! Chairmen are as follows:

          -Travis Adams: 435-287-8095

          -Butch Lindsay: 435-979-5103

          -Jaden Coates: 435-979-6744

          All Garfield, Wayne and Piute County youth, please message any of these chairmen and they will make arrangements for you. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

          Reminder for all to enter for the show online at . Please make sure you are going to the 2020 show. Entries close July 1st.

    For questions about participating in the 4-H livestock clubs (or starting your own) contact:

    Janette Wagner

    Janette Wagner

    4-H Program Coordinator

    Text: 801-602-7316   Call: 435-893-0478


    4-H Portfolio Information

    The portfolio style has recently changed to a cover letter and resume. The link below contains full details.

    A portfolio is an organized collection of a person's progress, achievements, contributions, and efforts that demonstrate accomplishments, size and growth over time.  4-H Portfolios contain important records that can be utilized in applying for scholarships and future employment.  Portfolios set the stage for organization, record keeping and leadership. 

    Portfolio forms, judging rubrics, training videos and additional information can be found HERE.