Summer Programs

    Summer Programs

    What's UP with 4-H this summer? Adventure Awaits!!


    Two activities every Friday

    Pick-up kits in Richfield or Monroe

    Register at 


    June 19th: to register choose event "UP! June 19"

    • Play dough Monster Kit: This STEAM kit is all about building a monster and a tower with toothpicks. Let's see your creativity and engineering skills. Kits come with play dough and other supplies. $1
    • UV Buddy Kit: Create your own glow-in-the-dark creation with this STEAM kit. Includes beads, string, and instructions. $1

    June 26th:  to register choose event "Up! June 26"

    • D-stress with 4-H: Pre-recorded video instruction. Make a stress ball, an aromatherapy bracelet and your own kinetic sand. You'll be feeling relaxed in no time as you learn how these items can reduce anxiety. $12
    • Rocket Launcher: Pre-recorded video instruction. Want to shoot for the stars this summer? Make a rocket launcher using PVC. Must hook to an air compressor to launch paper rolled rockets. $26

    July 1st (WEDNESDAY):  to register choose event "Up! July 1"

    • Skittles STEAM Kit: Have you ever wondered how skittles get their colors? Instead of tasting the rainbow let's use these skittles to create a rainbow of our own!
    • STEM Puppet Kit: Use this STEAM kit to learn about the states of matter, make spoon puppets, on put on a show! FREE

    July 10th:  to register choose event "Up! July 10"

    • Lego Challenge Kit: Can you follow the instructions in this Lego challenge? The kit comes with challenge cards and Lego for you to build with. FREE

    July 17th:  to register choose event "Up! July 17"

    • Tie-dye Shoes: Pre-recorded video instruction Pick your favorite sharpie colors to tie-dye a pair of canvas shoes and you'll be looking great all summer!  $12
    • Chalk Coding Kit: Challenge your family to a fun activity by drawing a code for them to follow on the sidewalk (or anywhere you're allowed to use chalk)! Kit comes with sidewalk chalk and instructions. FREE
    • Little Sugar Bean Baking Kit:  Pretzel Party!! Learn how to make soft pretzels, pretzels dogs, and cheese dip. Bonus: Cherry Limeade Beverage. Pre-recorded video instruction. Pick-up kit in office. You will need to add egg, water, butter, hot dogs, milk and cheddar cheese. $10 Choose Event "Little Sugar Bean Baking: July"

    July 23rd (THURSDAY):  to register choose event "Up! July 23" 

    • Corny Popcorn Fun: Recipe book chock-full of delicious popcorn recipes compiled by Barbie Pearson.
    • STEM Flower Kit: Develop the skills for recognizing, locating, and collecting flowers. Then, dissect a flower and identify various plant parts. Lastly, assemble a plant press and master the art of drying and flattening plants. FREE
    • Engineering Design Challenge: Put your STEM skills to the test as you design a catapult, bridge, rocket and vehicle with this kit. FREE

    July 31st:  to register choose event "Up! July 31"

    • Crystal Chemistry Class: Watch Live Zoom or recording. Learn about the cool crystal planet we live on and make three different kinds of crystals with your kit. 
    • Clipboard Geometry: Create a cool paper design using squares and right-angle triangles. Enter your project in the fair! FREE

    Available every week while supplies last!

    Summer Sewing Learn how to sew scrunchies, a drawstring bag, 2 pioneer rag dolls, 2 sleeping beauty masks, and a half apron. You will receive a kit with the fabric and other needed supplies already cut and ready to sew. The fabric is high-end, designer fabric. Watch a weekly video starting July 6th, which teaches about important features of the sewing machine and tools while learning how to complete these projects. You will need a sewing machine, iron, and basic sewing supplies such as scissors and thread. Register at and choose event Summer Sewing. $25

    Sewing Club

    Let's Chalk!!!   Pre-recorded video instruction You've had fun cooking with Christine, now try some crafting! Create a stand-alone sign that you create as easy as 1-2-3! You get to choose 1 of 3 different kits.  These kits will help you complete the entire project. I will show you a few different ways to complete your project, then you may choose your favorite, or create your own! Plus, I will show you how you can embellish your project to fit your decor. Register at Choose "Let's Chalk!" as the event.


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